Tuesday, 2 June 2015

PHOTO: At Home with the Cossacks

Old Don Cossack Capital of Starocherkasskaya. Southern Russia. By Chris Raven
Southern Russia and the Donbas region of east Ukraine is home to the Don Cossack, an independent or an autonomous democratic republic which existed around the end of the 16th century until the early 20th century.

During a road trip with my brother in the summer of 2013, our journey driving full circle around the Black Sea led us to the old Don Cossack capital of Starocherkasskaya. For nearly two centuries Starocherkasskaya was the centre of Don Cossack culture and politics, until regular spring flooding forced it to be moved to Novocherkassk in 1805. Wandering around this small rural community, we passed traditional wooden houses painted pastel blue and green with ornately carved window shutters. The colourful shawls in the photograph were waiting patiently for me to arrive bathed in golden evening light. When I look at this image I'm immediately transported back to the Don river in the tranquil rural countryside of Russia's south.

Read more about our journey driving full circle around the Black Sea:

by Simon Raven, Chris Raven

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