Tuesday, 21 July 2015

PHOTO: Driving to the Edge of Europe

View across the Georgian frontier with Azebaijan. Photo by Chris Raven.
A dramatic view across the Georgian frontier with Azerbaijan from a hilltop above the small rural settlement of Udabno. The Kakheti region of Georgia is the location of the World Heritage cave monasteries of Davit Gareja and is home to vultures, blue-cheeked bee-eaters, jackals and a vast dry landscape of rolling hills and canyons where the colours of the rock fades from yellow to deep red and purple. 

During a quest to drive full circle around the Black Sea in a twenty year old Volvo, my brother and I spent the night here beneath the clearest night sky we have ever witnessed. In the distance the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi illuminated the horizon like a burning inferno.

Read more about our adventure BLACK SEA CIRCUIT.

by Simon Raven, Chris Raven

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